Toddler Room Daily Schedule

9:00-10:00am Welcoming Activity

10:00-10:20am Snack

10:20- 10:35am Davening

10:35am Diapering/ Bathroom

10:45-11:45am Outdoor Play

11:45am Class circle time

12:10pm Lunch

12:30pm Diapering/ Bathroom

12:45pm Storytime

Hot lunch is served weekly on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Toddler Room Curriculum


1. Developing Autonomy

  • Put on clothes independently
  • Develop pouring skills
  • Learn to wash their hands
  • Toilet training

2. Learning to follow routines/respect their environments

  • Pick up after themselves
  • Follow classroom schedule
  • Learning how to transition to a new activity
  • Use materials as intended

3. Social/Emotional Development

  • Begin to understand and name their feelings in themselves and others
  • Learn how to wait turns and to share
  • Develop communication skills
  • Learn to cooperate in a group
  • Bond with teacher(s)
  • Start to develop conflict resolutions skills

4. Growing cognitive abilities

  • Label colors and shapes
  • Foster the ability to verbalize thoughts and observations
  • Promote curiosity and learning

5. Improving Motor Skills

  • Practice rolling a ball to others
  • Learn to hold writing materials and scissors
  • Promote coordination and balance

6. Judaic Learning

  • Learn about Jewish traditions and Holidays
  • Practice Mitzvot
  • Join in Davening circle time
  • Learn songs for Shabbat
  • Be familiar with the symbols and routines for Shabbat