Our school’s underlying approach is for the children to enjoy Hebrew School so that they will always have positive feelings and warm memories of their Jewish education.Our program blends hands on learning experiences, incentives, arts, games and other exciting activities.

Kindergarten-Seventh Grade 

Wednesdays 3:30-3:45pm

Virtaul Hebrew School from the comfort of your home.

Synagogue Membership:
While we encourage synagogue attendance, we do not require our students to be members in a synagogue. Our students come from various affiliations and backgrounds.

If you need to contact us during Hebrew school hours if you are having a problem with connecting to the online class please call 

Gilah 949 -981-1270. 

For all billing queries please contact Rachel in the office. She can be reached Mon-Friday (9am- 4:00pm) or you can e-mail her at  info@chabadirvine.org

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Email gilah@chabdirvine.org  or call (949) 786-5000, ext 103.

Looking forward to a successful year of Jewish learning!