The Chai Tots program uses Discovery Ed Curriculum which blends Judaic and secular studies in an intimate, stimulating and nurturing classroom setting. We offer a healthy combination of academic and exploratory play, which encourages development of cognitive, social, emotional and physical readiness skills. Along with bringing the princpiles of  S.T.E.A.M. into the clasroom every day at Chai Tots we have integrated specialized programs into our classrooms including Science, Music & Movement and, for the oldest class, a weekly Yoga class and Master of the Arts creative program.  

What does S.T.E.A.M. look like at Chai Tots?  
     Science: Science is a part of the everyday experience for our students. By introducing concepts such as the scientific process to children in even our youngest classroom we instill in students a desire to ask questions and find answers. Everything from our "Will it Melt?" cause & effect experiemnts to watching our tadpoles turn to frogs. We also bring in special guests to teach us about animals, the seasons, even nutrition & health!

    Technology: Here at Chai Tots we teach toddlers and preschooler age children how to use computers & telephones with the help of pretend play and open discussions. We always take the time to answer students questions honestly about how technology works and why we use it. 

     Engineering: From helping our toddlers confidently stack blocks or string beads to guiding our oldest PreKindergarten students structure building, at Chai Tots we encourge engineering activities based on real-world technologies and problems. This helps children see how disciplines like math and science are relevant to their lives as well as building confidence and removing the anxiety that can come with failure by making it a part of the learning process.

    Arts: We bring the arts into our school every day with our many art projects and daily music & movement as well as with our special weekly Masters of the Art program & "Music with Jules" twice a month.
    Mathematics: We engage students in mathematics beyond our regular cirle time. It is important to help young children develop number sense as well as number recognition and even the basic principles of addition and subtraction with our oldest children.

 About Discovery Ed Curriculum
    This innovative curriculum which is specifically designed for Jewish Preschools was written and developed by Chanie Wilschanski a preschool teacher and director with a Masters in Special Education and Early Childhood. She has used her own experiences as a teacher and director to develop Judaic and Secular curriculum full of activites which help our students learn to their fullest potential.
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Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that the early years of a child’s life are critical to developing a foundation of positive self-worth. The preschool environment cultivates this belief by making every child feel valued, encouraging social awareness and interaction, fostering creativity and providing opportunities for developing gross and fine motor, visual, and auditory skills.


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Learning through Jewish eyes:


We encourage the children to see the world through Jewish eyes, building an understanding and respect for Jewish values and tradition that extend far beyond the classroom. We also focus on establishing a strong Jewish identity and teaching children about being proud of their Jewish heritage.


We learn our morning prayers, recite blessings over foods, sing Jewish songs and learn about the weekly Torah portions and upcoming Jewish holidays. Fridays are especially special with challah making and Shabbat Parties.