Mayan Chai - Torah Thoughts 
Time: 1:30 pm Shabbat Afternoon
Location: Chabad of Irvine
Instructor: Rebbetzin Binie Tenenbaum


Our Philosophy


"Living Waters" Chasidic insight of the Rebbe to the weekly Torah Portion. Translated from the original Hebrew Text .



Rosh Chodesh


Time:  7:45pm  
Location: Tenenbaum's Home
Instructor: Rebbetzin Binie Tenenbaum

Once a month, Thursday night around Rosh Chodesh, Chabad Women get together at the Chabad of Irvine for a Women's Class.  

This year's course  "Insight" explores the Rebbe’s broad view of the world at large, our personal failures, the feminine role, current trends and events, and more. We invite you on a journey in which wild jungles morph into beautiful gardens, dreadful weakness becomes cathartic strength, and blind adherents become conductors of insight.

Join us for an evening of lively discussion, laughter and learning.

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