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Mayan Chai - Torah Thoughts 
Time: 1:30 pm Shabbat Afternoon
Location: Chabad of Irvine
Instructor: Rebbetzin Binie Tenenbaum

Our Philosophy

"Living Waters" Chasidic insight of the Rebbe to the weekly Torah Portion. Translated from the original Hebrew Text .



Rosh Chodesh

Time:  7:45pm  
Location: Tenenbaum's Home
Instructor: Rebbetzin Binie Tenenbaum

Once a month, Thursday night around Rosh Chodesh, Chabad Women get together at the Chabad of Irvine for a Women's Class.  

This year's course  "Larger Than Life - Weaving G‑d into the Details"  focuses on areas outside the domain of the synagogue and Jewish ritual and explore what it means to live as a Jew in “the rest of our life,” and how a Jewish woman is expected to interact with the world around her. It shines a spotlight on the Torah view of our social and ethical responsibilities.

Join us for an evening of lively discussion, laughter and learning.

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