Curricular Description 
Our Curricular LENSES

ECO_024 - curriculum.jpgWe're impressed with our curriculum, now it's your turn! 

We hope to engage your child's sense of identity by capturing his/her imagination and attention. So, we put a lot of effort into providing our students with substantive lessons and a positive atmosphere. 
The lessons are multi-sensory and hands-on, ensuring that the students truly experience what they are being taught. The lessons are structured with discussion-starters, to create a lively, interactive classroom experience. The information truly becomes the student's own.

Our Hebrew School uses the new, acclaimed Aleph Champ program to ensure that  your child will read fluently at the end of his/her Hebrew School experience.

Our students learn to read & write Hebrew. They gain confidence and familiarity with the Siddur-Hebrew Prayer Book.

Our students will attain an affection for our heritage and a
uniqueness of our homeland Israel.

The students gain an appreciation of our heritage and culture that has been preserved throughout the ages.

Traditions and celebrations, exploring
the Jewish Holidays and Shabbat will provide a deeper
understanding for our students.

Beginning with the origins of the mitzvot,
stressing practical applications in our daily lives, our
students will explore a personal Jewishness.

At Chabad of Irvine Hebrew School we focus on identifying with Judaism’s unique values system and its wide range of knowledge and skills. To make this a reality, our academic program is designed around several "courses" through which we can focus on important goals.

In the ‘busyness’ of everyday life, prayer gives us the opportunity for introspection. It is a quiet time in which we retreat into our inner-selves and develop a personal relationship with our core Jewishness. These touchstone moments allow us to evaluate our spiritual growth and reaffirm our connection to our deeper self.

Beginning with the youngest class, we introduce prayers and songs - increasing both the amounts of prayers and the depth of their meanings, as the students progress. Ultimately, our goal is for our students to attain a familiarity with the words of the prayers, the mechanics that attach to those prayers (ie: when to stand, etc.), and its deeper messages.

Attaining the skill of reading Hebrew, accessing our common language, enables our students to identify with their common identity and imparts a sense of belonging. By studying to read Hebrew, our students can - eventually - read from original texts, and explore the roots of Jewish practice. They begin to see the Hebrew language holistically, rather than just as a splinter skill.

Our Kindergarten children are introduced to the Hebrew alphabet through games, crafts, songs, and stories - gaining comfort with the letters. In Grades 1 and 2, we begin integrating letters and vowels. The students learn the patterns of Hebrew, learning how to piece letters together and sound short words. We also begin to study the numerical values of the Hebrew alphabet. From Grades 3 onwards, our students are all inducted into the ALEPHchamp system. In this highly motivated learning environment, students are divided by skill into various color levels, with a designated reading teacher who oversees the progress of each student. When the teacher feels the student is ready to move onto the next level, they arrange for the child to be tested. The Aleph Champ program empowers the individual, stressing self-motivation and personal goals while encouraging group work.


We see the Jewish calendar operating as a complete unit. The Jewish holidays spiral on one another and build on similar concepts. This course addresses both the particular messages of each holiday and its purpose within the context of the Jewish year. Our holiday curriculum builds not only previously studied holidays, but on the information covered in preceding years. In this way the material grows with the students and expands their holiday knowledge, depth and skills.