The curriculum for this year titled Bringing it Home: Making Judaism come alive through experiential and interactive learning.  

Unprecedented times call for a radically different approach to our Hebrew School learning. Our curriculum for this year  is designed  as a unique learning program based on the current situation. Our program will ensure the children's participation, grow their knowledge and allow them to experience Judaism in their homes in a way that's never happened before.  

Bringing it Home has been developed to ensure that the content is both developmentally appropriate and user-friendly. 

Our curriculum has been designed to be taught through a diverse set of mediums, including drama, STEM, and stop-motion animation. The curriculum comprises six units, focusing on integrative lessons that are learned from each room of the home. Lessons will come alive as students learn empathy, respect and integrity amongst other life skills while exploring each room of their house.

Bringing it Home is a place where children of the community engage with and connect to their Jewish heritage. We are excited about Bringing it Home as we believe the kids will enjoy the well-rounded experience and find true and lasting value in the information they learn.

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