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Chabad Women of Irvine bring together Jewish women of all ages and backgrounds to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.
Torah & Tea
Torah & Tea is a series of 3 JLI courses taught by rebbitzin Gilah Andrusier. Each course is taught in 6week blocks.
"Toward a Meaningful Life" is the newest course for Women's Torah & Tea. This course offers practical strategies for developing a deeper sense of joy and satisfaction. Its objective - to empower individuals of all backgrounds with new life skills. An antidote to the monotony and grind of unchanging routines.
The course covers the spectrum of life: Personal growth, Relationships, Home, Work, Special challenges, and The role of G-d and faith. We will reframe these universal issues in light of their Kabbalistic perspective, as we invite students to challenge their current views "Towards a more Meaningful Life". Empowering, Spiritual and oh so Practical !
No prior knowledge of Kabbalah necessary. All women welcome. Invite your friends.
ยป Rosh Chodesh Society

The Rosh Chodesh Society is a sisterhood dedicated to inspiring and empowering Jewish women through monthly cultural learning experiences. More...