The Rosh Chodesh Society was established in memory of Rebbetzin Rivka Holtzberg and her husband, Rabbi Gavriel Noach HY"D, Shluchim of the Rebbe in India, who were brutally murdered by terrorists in 2008.

The Rosh Chodesh Society is a sisterhood dedicated to inspiring and empowering Jewish women through monthly cultural learning experiences.

Chabad Woman of Irvine are proud to be part of this international study program. Classes are held once a month, around Rosh Chodesh. Each year a new topic is chosen to be studied and discussed over the course of the year. This years topic is "Pause & Affect- A Shabbat Outlook" This year during each class we will prepare something for your Shabbat dinner table, so reservations for each class MUST be made in advance. To sign up click here!

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Change of Venue! Change of Date!
Rosh Chodesh class is back!
Join us Monday, April 23rd @ 7:45pm at the Tenenbaum's home! 
You won't want to miss the 5th lesson in our Pause & Affect series, "Sacred Symbols" in which we will explore the origins and rationales of several Shabbos food customs, rendering what was heretofore a random food assortment that was merely good for the palate into a unified and holistic journey that is also good for the soul.
For more information contact us in the office at 949.786.5000 or email us at


Rosh Chodesh Society

“The Sabbath is to the week what the line break is to poetic language. It is the silence that forces you to return to what came before to find its meaning.”


Shabbat, says the Talmud, is G‑d’s gift to the Jewish people— and what a gift it is! It offers respite from labor and a break from the intrusion of our ubiquitous technologies. It allows family and community the time to connect and reflect without distraction. The warm smell of challah, the glowing candles, and the comfort of ritual all leave their imprint, shaping forever the meaning of family, peoplehood, and one’s place in the universe.