Chai Tots enrollment opens in March for the upcoming school year.  Enrollment for the Kiddy Camp Summer program opens in April.  Please contact the office 949.786.5000 before completing any forms.  Thank you.   

The following forms (our application and government forms) must be filled out in order for your child to attend Chai Tots preschool, along with a current copy of your childs immunization records.

Chai tot's pricing 
* Application Form 
* LIC 613A (04/99) - Personal Rights - Child Care Facilities
* LIC 627 (05/01) - Consent For Emergency Medical Treatment - Child Care Centers Or Family Child Care Homes
* LIC 700 (05/00) - Identification And Emergency Information Child Care Centers
* LIC 701 (08/01) - Physician's Report - Child Care Centers (Child's Pre-Admission Health Evaluation)
* LIC 702 (07/99) - Child's Preadmission Health History Parent's Report
* LIC 995 (08/02) - Child Care Center - Notification Of Parents' Rights