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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events at Chabad of Irvine:

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Journey of the Soul
Every Monday - Chabad of Irvine - from 8:00-9:30pm. November 27th-December 18th.
Journey of the Soul explores the mysteries surrounding the spiritual dimension of our existence our destiny that continues even after we've shed our earth-bound body suit. We examine the transition of the soul into the hereafter, the kinds of legacies that are valued even after we've forsaken this earthly existence, and the accompanying emotional journey and rituals that help the soul and those closest to it prepare for its new reality. Details and register here.

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Morning Minyan @ 7:00 am

Ma'ariv @ 7:30pm

Friday Night Services @ 6:30 pm/ Winter Services @ 6:00pm and Shabbat Morning Services @ 10:00 am following a Chassidus Class @ 9:30 am. 
The world famous Chabad of Irvine Kiddush is on every Shabbat after services.

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